You and I fit

You look at me with a smile, and I can’t help but smile back.

You smile with eyes crinkled, lip corners upturned, the barest hint of teeth. I smile with eyes almost closed, lip corners stretched, all my top teeth showing.

Your hair is styled to stay in shape, and I leave mine to do as it will.

You have long fingers and pale hands, and it doesn’t look like you’ve done a day of manual labor in your life. I have short fingers and soft hands that are covered in callouses from all my years in a marching band.

You like holding hands, and I hate it but I’ll do it with you anyway. It makes you happy, but you never push me.

You like to wear t-shirts and skinny jeans, and I do too.

You like to drive with sun roof open, and I enjoy sitting in the passenger seat.

You like to wear this big-brimmed straw hat all the time, and I think it’s kind of silly but it looks cute on you all the same.

You like to go to the gym for hours to pick up heavy things and put them down because it makes you feel strong. I dance in the mirrored room upstairs, hips swaying and hands soft because dance makes me feel graceful.

You like to play online video games that take hours, and I like to sit next to you on the bed and do my own thing.

You are different from me, and yet, we fit so well it feels as if we were made from the same piece.

And that’s enough to tell me that we fit, just as well as our smiles in pictures, our bodies against each other, our fingers and legs intertwined, our humor as it bounces back and forth, and everything else in between.


About periwinklenightshade

I am a university student who looks at the sky and speaks the first sentence that comes to her head - and each sentence is then the inspiration for writing. I have always wanted to be writer, and I hope my poetry prose will touch the hearts of my readers. And I hope that my activism speeches will bring out the fighting spirits of everyone who sees them. View all posts by periwinklenightshade

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