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Coconut tanning lotion filled my nose

As I laid on towel on hot lounge chair

Sun rays came down hot (too hot) on my skin

And I flipped over and over

Too bright to read Lolita on my back

Too uncomfortable to read on my stomach

But all to even out burning touch

From poolside to pool instead

Hot cement burning the soles of my feet

Dancer callouses do nothing to prevent burns

Cool water was savior

So I sat and floated and swam

And I stared at gentle waves and refracted light

Dead fly and dead leaves floating on its surface

Look down to clear blurry images of hands and feet

I held my breath and dipped under

Chlorine hurts the eyes less than salt

I breathed out precious oxygen bubbles

I sank further and further

Until I could look up and see burning sun

Rays could not touch me here

But escape from burn could not last forever

I surfaced

Dripping wet pulling self up onto hot cement

Cool water barely a shield

Wet towel on hot lounge chair

Damp hands holding Lolita

Burning rays drying back and hair

It’s too dark to read the French


How do I flirt?

Try: Hey, you’re cute

(Think: Wait no, that makes me sound like I’m 12 with a puppy crush.)

Try: Hey, you’re pretty attractive.

(Think: Pretty attractive? Come on brain, why can’t you commit to a compliment?)

Say: Hey, do you want to grab coffee sometime?

(Think: Okay, not bad, but what if they say no, oh my goodness, I can’t handle this pressure.)

Reply: Sure, sounds great!

Say: Awesome, what day works for you?

(Think: Awesome? AWESOME? What is wrong with me? Could I BE any more lame? And when am I even free? What?)

Reply: Tomorrow?

Say: Perfect, works for me!

(Think: I mean, you’re perfect. Wait no. Oh my goodness, what am I going to talk about tomorrow? Did I fail at social norms already? HOW DO I FLIRT?)